Gull motocross gear

GULL motocross gear is happy to be represented by Arnas Milevičius. Fifteen year old Arnas Milevičius is not only Lithuanian motocross champion, but also plays basketball and practices folk dances.

Arnas is just fifteen years old, however he‘s already five time Lithuanian motocross champion. He says he achieved that only through hard work, as he has been riding since the age of four and it‘s the passion of his life.

‘My dad bought me a little bike. At first I kept riding on the grass and not long after I was doing laps in the track. Eventually I started going to the races in Lithuania and abroad. Looking back, I can say that I’ve achieved quite a lot.’

At the moment Arnas is intensely preparing for the 2017 season with the help of his coach and mechanic Linas Šiaučiūnas. ‘He’s my friend and the best mechanic. It’s hard work he’s doing and I truly respect him’

In the upcoming season Arnas is planning to concentrate on Lithuanian motocross championship and less on racing abroad. ‘Preparation for championship is hard work. Due to the climate zone we’re living now we’re working on physical conditioning. Other riders travel to Italy or Spain where the tracks are open all year.’

In the previous season Arnas participated not only in Lithuanian motocross championship but also raced in Belgium, where motocross is more popular and competition a lot stronger. ‘It has been a great experience.’ says the rider.

Motocross is becoming increasingly popular in Lithuania, more riders every year come to the races, quite a few riders are competing abroad and showing promising results. Lithuania based motocross gear manufacturer Gull MX is a result of this increasing popularity.

‘We are one of the few motocross gear manufacturers in the world and we are happy to be able to help young Lithuanian motocross riders. We’ve been working with Arnas for a few years and we see great potential in him. Our motocross gear designed and tested with local riders. With their feedback, we’ve been able to make the product that is comfortable, durable while being lightweight and looking awesome.’ says Gull MX manager M. Jakniūnas.